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Dr. Betty O

Success is no accident… it requires action, commitment, courage and coaching.

Dr. Betty Orlandino, PhD

As a Master Performance Coach and Certified Talent Consultant, I coach the top 1%. I work with Fortune 100 and 500 executives and their teams to be at the top of their game. I help people to discover and overcome the roadblock along the way, especially the barriers that are hiding in plain sight. What that means in real life is I am a master performance coach and personal mentor to high potential women, celebrity clients, entrepreneurs and executives in or on their way to the C-Suite who need someone they can trust and depend upon…for insights, behavioral change, growth and personal accountability in the increasingly competitive cut-throat world of today, they call me.

I have 550 years of experience, just how is that possible?  Personally I have 40 years of experience with people and business, but I bring the collective wisdom of all of my mentors and coaches as you will read in my book: Fast Track to the Corner Office for Women. And as you’ll discover that each of my mentors had 50 years or more of their own experience to share, rising to great heights in their own business and social circles. Therefore, collectively I have over 550 years of experience. Additionally, I have a PhD in psychology and common sense. My professional portfolio includes Macy’s, USG Corp, US Foods, Kohler Company, Navistar and many more. Finally, I have been cited in numerous publications including Time magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, The Chicago Tribune and The Chicago Sun-Times, as well as all major radio & TV networks.



School of Hard Knocks, Professor Emeritus

University Of Illinois Strategic Talent Management
Program-Certified Talent Consultant, CTC, 2004

University of Chicago, post graduate course work in psychology and business, 2001-2004

California Coast University, PhD Psychology, 1998

University of Illinois CC, MSW, 1981

University of Illinois, BS, 1971

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World Wide Master Performance Coach to high potential entrepreneurs, C-Suite Executives, Celebrity clients and highly motivated human beings. Helping high achievers increase self-awareness, improve personal effectiveness and inspire and grow their team’s/organization’s talent. Pre-employments profiling/screening, on-boarding and developing the art of effective communications and non-verbal communications 2006-present.

Vice President Executive Coaching and Leadership Development. Executive development, team building, communications and assessments and private psychotherapy. 2000-2006

Executive Director and Psychotherapist, LCSW, PhD, Board Certified Diplomat. Individual psychotherapy with children, adolescents and families 1981-2000.


Full time teacher and graduate school student 1971-1981.

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