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fast track to the corner office for wome

Book Reviews

47 5-star reviews on Amazon, here are a few.

Scott Sarti
The business world isn’t easy, especially for women, and skill and education alone may not be enough to ascend the corporate ladder. So how can you fast track your career? Start by reading FAST TRACK TO THE CORNER OFFICE FOR WOMEN By Dr. Betty Orlandino.

Fast Track is a dynamite read. I enjoyed every page of this book! Dr Orlandino share her personal struggles and experiences that helped build her own successful professional life. While targeted to women, this book is a must read for anyone who values developing their own personal strengths. From advise on managing your career to building the right relationships to avoiding pitfalls. Fast Track is both inspiring and invaluable tool to set your career on an upward trajectory. Dr. O is straightforward and passionate, and you can almost feel her positive energy jump off the pages of her book. If you want to propel your career fast than you thought possible, then make Fast Track a guide to your professional success.

We all need a great coach and mentor in life. So thanks Dr O for being in our corner with your new book!

Ema Koja Savahl
I absolutely loved this book, besides the timing being perfect and just what I needed, this book will be my Desk Bible until each of the steps have become my second nature. The genius and simplicity, harmony humor and directness with which it is written helps the content of the book penetrate your subconscious. Just minutes into the book I started seeing my situation through new glasses and feeling excited for the future actions I will take. I highly recommend every woman should own a copy. Thank you Dr. Betty for such a jewel.


Kimberly L
As a busy female navigating her way in an industry dominated with men, this book was exactly what I needed. The advice is succinct and to the point, with amazing true stories to illustrate the points. I look forward to implementing the advice, and guarantee I will re-read this book again why I need another dose of sanity.


Sheree Kaz
Fast Track to the Corner Office for Women is a quick read with very pertinent remarks and stories. A key point stressing nobody does it alone and that we all need mentors in our life and how to find them. I am purchasing copies to hand out to friends and people I love. Love the candor and no-nonsense approach. Betty O is tough, likeable, honest and trustworthy! I wish she had been my coach but the book was a great start!

Dave C
Bravo! This entertaining book provides a no-nonsense, actionable roadmap to success no matter what your calling in life is. While geared to women, anyone could benefit from the following the career management steps in this book. Betty is a remarkable person and one of the best anywhere at what she does. While serving as EVP of Human Resources, we used her service for years.  

Thomas C
Betty has artfully written this book which is very relevant whether you are aspiring to become successful or are well entrenched in your career. She nicely spins humor throughout and provides guidance that you don’t need to be perfect. You need to be honest with yourself to become successful. Everyone benefits from a coach and mentor.


Shirley Buck
This is an amazing book. Very empowering!  Dr Betty is such a delightful author. It is an informative book, but also fun to read too.

Thanks for the great advice.

Bridgette Chambers
Betty is a no-nonsense, forward thinking, get-it-done thought leaders that demystify the tough road to the corner office. Is this a difficult path for everyone? Yes! Is it more complex and challenging for women? Definitely! Betty’s flashlight on the path ahead is timely and inspiring no matter if you are an X-er polishing a distinguished career or a millennial just starting to get some traction. As a woman that has been at the helm of many successful brands I can say that Betty’s message and story telling ability is one you must read if you believe you are capable of achieving more in your professional career and life.   


M Heupler
Fast Track to the Corner Office for Women is the most insightful book ever written for all women who aspire to success in all businesses. Dr. Betty is brilliant, talented and successful and her experience, advice and direction will build a solid skill set and confidence to be successful. This is a must read for all women, especially Millennials starting out of the gate.


Holli Kinsbury
MUST READ for women and daughters. Explores the untrodden topic of gathering real-life aspirational experience and wonder through mentorship with other women, and the compassion notion of guidance and paying it forward. Orlandino spotlights career boosting tactics in the workplace historically overlooked by women.


Edie D
What a wonderful and inspiring book. Dr. Betty truly offers insights and new way to approach the business world as a female.

As women, we have special challenges to face. Dr Betty’s advice on coaching and getting a mentor were invaluable. I will be keeping this book on my desk as an inspiration as I face new challenges and achieve my goals.

Amazon customer
Dr. Betty O is a unique and inspirational leader, powerful, witty and yet compassionate about helping ALL women. Her years of wisdom spill out in these pages. I urge any woman to get a copy of Fast Track and watch her life and career be transformed.


Her real world examples lend credibility to her wise advice.  A must have book for every up and coming women in business.

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