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Amity Cooper

Founder of the Clinical Career Collective

Dr. Betty Orlandino is a coaching powerhouse. I've had the privilege of being in Dr. Betty's universe for the last four years. In that time, she's been a steady voice of support and reason when things looked bleak, and when life evened out, she encouraged me to grow and evolve beyond my edges. When you need someone to help navigate your uncharted territory called life, Dr. Betty can be your first mate.


Bridgette Chambers, MBA, PhD
Former CEO, ASUG
Growth strategist/Award Winning
Business Executive
I have worked with a number of executive coaches and strategic advisers in my career. I can say with great confidence none have provided the level of value as Dr. Betty Orlandino. Her vast experience coupled with her methodical approach resulted in a process of executive learning, decision analysis, strategy building, and issue resolution that contributed to tremendous organizational success in my tenure as Chief Executive Officer of the largest SAP customer association on the globe. In addition to the organizational improvements, Betty’s services led to an improved communication strategy with fellow board members and officers. I would highly recommend Betty’s services to any executive smart enough to know you must constantly seek feedback and self-improvement lessons to accomplished ambitious personal goals and market leading initiatives.


Karen Leets, CPA, MBA
Treasurer Kimberly Clark Corp
Former USG Corp Treasurer
Dr. Betty Orlandino is an exceptional coach on executive leadership, who has been a trustworthy advisor to me for some time. She provides “tough” insights to improve self-awareness, while always leaving a smile on my face! Her guidance on a focused plan and regular checkpoints helped me to develop into a more effective leader, which resulted in improved teamwork and results, and helped me to achieve career successes. In this fast paced, competitive work world, she guides the executive success and positive energy!


Fareed Khan, CFO
Kellogg Company
former CFO, US Foods
Dr. Betty Orlandino is a phenomenal performance coach and has been an adviser, friend and secret weapon for over15 years. With a direct but caring style she helps me see y strengths, weaknesses and blind spots through the lens of my organization. The insights and the clarity she brings have helped me successfully navigate just about every important career transition I have made and I can say without hesitation that I am a better leader, and a better person, because of Betty. In working with leadership teams, Betty has an uncanny ability to see the core issues and opportunities facing an organization. She cares deeply, people trust her, and she “connects-the-dots” in ways that invariably bring new insights into what is and what is not working. That’s when she rolls up her sleeves, digs in and helps bring out the very best in individual leaders and the entire team. If you are trying to elevate your game as a leader or strengthen the effectiveness of your senior team, I can’t think of a better resource.


Laurie Wilson, CEO
And President LW Associates
Former EVP of Finance, Macy’s
Princeton BA, MBA, NYU School of Business
Dr. Betty Orlandino is a one-of-a-kind coach and mentor! Her ability to find and nurture the best in each person helped me to create new behaviors that I truly did not know were in my reach. We don’t learn this at school. I especially (and my family and team) appreciated Dr. Betty’s insights into work/life balance  and, of course, her sense of humor, guidance, comprehensive knowledge of retail and  astute knowledge of  today’s workplace.


Mark Jusczcak, PhD
Prof St John’s University
Adjunct Prof Columbia College
United Nations-Office of Secretary
General-researcher and consultant
I have worked with Dr. Orlandino for over a decade, where I have had the privilege to see her interact with the most successful corporate executives in the United States-precisely because they deeply trust and respect her ability to take great executives and turn them into exceptional leaders. Dr. Orlandino possesses a most unique talent:  the ability to identify how singular behaviors, often hidden behind a veil of competence, can make or breath that path to true leadership. At the same time, Dr. Orlandino continues to be an innovator in coaching methods advancing techniques across the social science disciplines that push the envelope of coaching-as both practice and art.


Lisa Cano
Senior Accts Manager
EMD Performance Materials
Dr. Betty Orlandino is an extremely talented professional I  have known for 20 years. She is adept at identifying obstacles in one’s professional and/or personal life while reshaping their perspective to remove mental or emotional blockage. The tools and knowledge she provides allows a person’s natural energies to flow more freely so they become the best person they can be professionally and personally. Dr. Orlandino takes pride in everything she does and her energy is contagious. She is quick to address issues with speed and clarity, and her strategies yield long-term, sustainable results. She leads by example and is always ready to guide others toward their ultimate success and happiness. She lives her life with honesty and integrity, and I am honored to have known her for all of these years. She is an inspiration to me, and I am a better leader and person because of her.

Peggy Pashayan, President
911 Boutique ltd edition fashions
former VP Of Donna Karan, NY
Dr. Betty Orlandino’s coaching was instrumental in my transition from Vice President of Donna Karan, New York to opening my own boutique fashion shop in Boca Raton, Florida. Her advice and support were invaluable in preparing a business plan, implementing the plan, selecting the best location for the boutique, and countless other considerations that appeared overwhelming. She is a maven of coaching dynamic women.  

Robyn Goldberg, President
Robyndale Photography
Dr. Betty O is an incredibly intuitive, talented and committed coach. Her guidance challenged me to think beyond the job search and focus more on finding a career that would augment my passions and strengths. She was instrumental in e turning my passion for photography to profit. Her positivity and incomparable sense of humor make her easy to open up to and perfect to work with. She has not only been an amazing coach, but also a caring mentor. She provided me with various strategies and lessons have both inspired me to reach farther and do better! Dr. Betty O is the ONLY choice for anyone looking for a coach.

Dr. Kathleen Sandman, DC
Chiropractic healthcare concierge
Dr. Betty Orlandino is an esteemed professional coach and mentor. As chiropractor to the stars in Hollywood I found Dr Betty to be an invaluable resource in assessing my next career move. We explored options together and strategized how best to proceed. After examining my needs and competencies, she helped me to develop the business plan, recruit additional talent and support me throughout the course of this journey. I could not have done this alone. She made herself available as needed and was a joy to partner with.  She has remained in touch for years and I reach out to her as needed. Thank you Dr. Betty

Carlos Lopez, President
 ZEPOLC Consulting
International Business Strategy
I have had the luck, pleasure and honor to have been coached by Dr. Betty Orlandino. Dr. Betty is trustworthy, insightful, Experienced and an excellent career coach with great knowledge of corporate dynamics. Her advice and support have been instrumental for my career development, progress and success. I know I can always count on her when I have a question or concern. You can count on Dr. Betty being responsive and honest with you.

Susie Johns, Internationally acclaimed strategist
Middlesex University
ITV’s regular guest host
“This Morning with Richard and Judy” London

Dr. Betty Orlandino is an expert coach and mentor. She is powerful, witty and passionate about helping women. Her years of experience spill out as you engage her in a session.  My experience with Dr. Betty was incredibly valuable and I give her my finest endorsement.

Lily Insogna, Equities & Options
Former VP Axiom Capital Management
Dr. Betty Orlandino is truly a master coach.  I realized after years of prospecting for a major firm, it was time to branch out on my own. Dr. Betty served as my counsel, advisor, coach and cheerleader in preparing me to launch into my own sphere of influence. I knew there were aspects I might overlook, so I decided to seek professional coaching to insure my future happiness and success. What a relief to have been referred to Dr. Betty Orlandino by a celebrity we both know.  I learned a great deal in the coaching process and also enjoyed her fun and easy going style. I recommend her services without reservation.

Fayrouz Hakkani, Director IT
Fortune 500 Company
I am forever grateful to having met Dr. Betty and the growth she helped me to achieve. I was referred to Dr. Betty during a time of deep trouble in my career. I knew I needed help, but did not know how to put my career back on track and navigate the corporate world. Dr. Betty helped me to understand my strengths and weaknesses and find my voice in a very demanding position. Her insights, expertise and true dedication to empowering women was reflected throughout the coaching process.  She knows exactly the right questions to ask and the people skills necessary to have a seat at the table. With her energetic support and encouragement I have learned how to target areas to work on , allowing for more personal and career growth. I highly recommend her coaching.

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