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How I Can Help.

As a Master Performance Coach and Certified Talent Consultant, I coach the top 1%. I work with Fortune 100 and 500 executives and their teams to be at the top of their game. I help people to discover and overcome the roadblock along the way, especially the barriers that are hiding in plain sight. What that means in real ife is I am a master performance coach and personal mentor to high potential women, celebrity clients, entrepreneurs and executives in or on their way to the C-Suite who need someone they can trust and depend upon…for insights, behavioral change, growth and personal accountability in the increasingly competitive cut-throat world of today, they call me.


  • Diagnostic Assessment Of Needs

  • Entrepreneurial Coaching: Identifying Opportunities And Strengths

  • High Performance Coaching: Increasing Self-awareness And Reading Others Body Language

  • Expert Communications: The Art Of Delivery

  • Executive Presence: Executive Development

  • Leadership In The 21st Century

  • Networking And Becoming Visible

  • Professional And Personal Effectiveness

  • Work – Life:  Balancing It All

  • Organizational Skills And Time Management

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