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The Coaching Journey: Sooner or Later?

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Our mom and dad begin our coaching journey followed by our formal education, which provides academic coaching. Upon graduation most people get a job, but most jobs do not provide the opportunity for coaching and so we go it alone, when in fact that is the time we need it most.

Athletes, performers, singers, dancers, C Suite executives count on their coaches, in fact, they wouldn’t consider going it alone. They know that talent alone is not enough, that we need other perspectives, skill sets and feedback in order to grow and develop. Also, they have the wisdom to know we need support, encouragement and a good swift kick in the ass from time to time, especially if you are gifted and know it!

All too often people engage a coach because they are in need of remedial or have been reprimanded. I suggest coaching early on so as to gain insights, knowledge and skills to make the very most of the career journey. Why not get a jump-start? Our educational system values teaching, but rarely prepares the graduates for the “real world.” This is where a professional coach helps us zero in on what is really important to our success and happiness. Coaching prepares us for things we could not possibly anticipate right out of the gate, which in turn helps to build the self-confidence that serves each of us in this most important adventure called life. A coach is a truth teller that will tell you what you might not like hearing, but need to know in order to be happy and successful. A coach is someone you can count on to have your back. Who has your back?

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