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Self-Talk: Your Best Friend, or Your Worst Enemy.

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

There are many aspects of self-awareness to consider. Today, we will begin with becoming keenly aware of our “Self Talk.” It is either going to be our best friend, or our worst enemy and it truly is our choice is we become conscious of what we say to ourselves.

In real everyday terms, the way we talk to others and ourselves instantly shapes how we perceive life, and the same perception directly impacts our behavior immediately.

Conscious, decisive self-talk is the means to take control of your life and career. Using strong, assertive, positive language over time we create lasting change. We must speak in a way that is helpful, not harmful. By using the right kind of language and framing our problems in a more readily accessible light = perceiving, behaving, becoming. How we talk, think about, and therefore perceive our surroundings is the very foundation of our reality. The goal is to create the reality that you desire.

Assertive self-talk is when you stake a claim for this moment of time, right here and now vs. “I will” or I am going to.” There is a massive difference between “I am relentless” and “I will be relentless.” Stop blaming luck. Stop blaming other people. Stop pointing to outside influences or circumstances. “Stop blaming your childhood or neighborhood. Own it, be accountable to yourself and know that you have the power.

Either you control your destiny or your destiny will control you it is entirely within our power to determine how we think and talk about our problems. They can be a nuisance or a stepping-stone. They can hold us down or lift us up. You decide: “problem or opportunity.” When you miss your mark, see it as a discovery, what did I learn from this, as opposed to seeing it as a failure and then move on!

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